Farmer Hawkes

Farmer Richard and the team are proud to share both Hawkes Grown and other Best of Local produce to celebrate Victorian Heroes; the brilliant farmers, makers and businesses on the Peninsula and in the region – making life easier for us all to access fresh and quality produce. 

Hawkes farmers have been growing fresh fruit and vegetables in Victorian earth for more than 100 years.

Today, Farmer Hawkes stands tall; proud of the produce he and his family have nurtured over generations. His broad frame shoulders responsibility for the Hawkes name, now synonymous with quality potatoes, carrots and strawberries across Australia.

Looking to the horizon, his mind is always fixed on providing for family, community, crops and soil, for generations to come.

Whether measuring moisture or harvesting crops, Farmer Hawkes leans into instincts and experience across science, nature and farming. The wry smile provides insight into his knowledge and respect for the land.

Managing multiple blocks with myriad microclimates and ecosystems, he’s flattening land for perfectly straight rows. He's recycling earth to maintain the rhythm of the farm; a cyclical and sustainable way to grow.

His farmer’s cap offers protection against the harsh Victorian weather in all seasons as he nurtures the soil; resting, recuperating and preparing to sow ahead of harvesting seasons.

The very hands that farm and build also greet the community, sharing the best of local with a vision that has taken the Farm Market from an honesty box to a destination for other producers, day-trippers, locals and restaurateurs – across Australia.