Do you serve hot chips every day?

No. Hot chips are served in our Farm Kitchen on Saturday and Sunday only 10am – 3pm unless stated otherwise. Even on public holidays and long weekends, still just Saturday and Sunday 10am – 3pm.

Is everything in Hawkes Farm Kitchen gluten free?

No. Our famous hot chips are made using gluten free ingredients, but they are not Coeliac Australia endorsed – nor do we claim that they are safe for people with Coeliac Disease.

Are Hawkes Grown vegetables organic?

No. We believe in regenerative farming where we allow the earth time to recuperate for the best veggies. We do spray lightly to protect the crop, so our Hawkes Grown produce cannot be classed as organic.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome on lead at the farm. Please remember to clean up after them - our farmers walk all over the farm and don't like surprises on their boots!

Can we have a tour of the farm?

We currently don't have the staff available to run tours of the farm, but hopefully in the future can offer this to schools and community groups.

Can we use the weighbridge?

The weighbridge and sand quarry on the property are a separate business - please see www.fingalgardens.com.au or phone 03 5988 6350 for more information.